ESP Promo


Web Development


PHP, SQL, Javascript

Project Details

ESP Promo (one of many companies housed under St. Regis Group of Companies) is a large company that produces and manufactures promotional goods. Since 1993, they have partnered with many companies offering only the highest quality of products, backed by services that lead the industry. ESP is constantly setting the standard for promotional excellence in their industry.

As a Web Developer working at St. Regis, my role for this project was to build a website identical to the design mockup created by the graphic designers. With this being such a large website, we needed to create a large database to store all of the product information and streamline this data to the front-end of the website. The database was an SQL database which I then used PHP to query the data and make it easier to manage.

I used programming languages like PHP, SQL and Javascript/JQuery to setup the search, colour and price filters and more.

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