Prestige Pulpits


Web Development


Microsoft Visual Basics, C#, .NET, PHP, SQL, Javascript

Project Details

Prestige Pulpits (one of many companies housed under St. Regis Group of Companies) is the original, and leading, manufacturer of custom glass sanctuary furnishings. All of their products are handcrafted to order in North America. They manufacturer products like Glass Pulpits, Communion Tables, Offering Boxes, custom design furniture and more.

As a Web Developer working at St. Regis, my role for this project was to build a website identical to the design mockup created by the UX designers. I created a large database to store all of the product information using SQL and extracted the data to the front-end of the website.

The biggest feature on this website is the cart page where users can see all of the products they wish to order. The cart page uses Javascript cookies to save all of the “wish-list” products as users navigate through the website and add things to the cart. Once the user is satisfied with their selections, they must complete and send the cart form in order to completely clear their shopping cart and process the order.

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